Friends of Nina

Wigs for Comfort and Confidence

We are excited to launch a program that will take the burden completely off of parents and caretakers when their child loses their hair. This wig program will include a representative that will walk each patient and their family through the process, beginning at diagnosis. Once a treatment protocol is decided on and will involve chemotherapy, the representative will be with the family every step, from education about what to expect, to wig selection, wig delivery and help with wig care, including shampoo and wig care products. This means that before they receive their very first chemo infusion, the patient will have had their measurements taken, and they will have selected a wig style and color. This means that their wig will be ready for them as soon as they need it and not have to wait months for it. 

Our program will be the only program to exist so far that will take the burden off the parent or guardian completely. The only thing the parent will need to do is support and love their child throughout the process. 

Nina loved the work that she did at UF, helping the kids and teens who were patients at Shands Children’s Hospital. Please help me continue what she started. Join me in the start of this program: Friends of Nina, Wigs for Comfort and Confidence

Friends of Nina wigs will be the highest quality because we know how important it is for our wigs to not only look natural but to be comfortable. We will provide the wig and the products to care for the wig at no cost to each family.  They have enough financial burden.

We will be piloting our program in one hospital in Central Florida. Our goal is to outfit twenty young people with wigs that they feel comfortable and confident in by January, 2025.  Click the link below to support this amazing cause.

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