A Heartwarming Milestone: Our First Wig for Comfort and Confidence

A Heartwarming Milestone: Our First Wig for Comfort and Confidence

At The For Nina Foundation, we believe in the power of compassion and community support. This belief has driven us to launch the Wigs for Comfort and Confidence program, aimed at providing children battling cancer with high-quality wigs that restore a sense of normalcy and boost their self-esteem. Today, we are thrilled to share a milestone that highlights the essence of our mission: outfitting our first child cancer patient with a wig.

Phoebe's journey with us began in late February when we met her in the hospital, just before she lost her hair. As she began to lose her hair and eventually shaved it, we saw a spark in her that reminded us of Nina. We knew Nina would want us to support Phoebe in every way possible. Phoebe expressed a heartfelt wish, saying, “I would like a wig to be how my hair was. I like how I was blonde, and I want a wig to represent who I am.”

After sharing the story of Friends of Nina Wigs with Phoebe's mom, she reached out to us at the end of April, expressing interest in a wig for Phoebe. From that initial contact, it took only about two weeks for us to make it happen. The anticipation leading up to our visit to Gainesville was intense. Each day brought more excitement and nervousness as we prepared to help Phoebe regain her confidence.

Finally, the day arrived, and we made the 2.5-hour drive to Gainesville, filled with a mix of joy, hope, and a bit of anxiety. Upon arrival, we couldn't wait to meet Phoebe and her mom, Jodi. Phoebe appeared a little withdrawn at first, but as the day progressed, her personality began to shine through. 

Katia, our skilled wig maker, and owner of House of Postiche, had her  Wig Wagon ready to go. The fitting process flew by, thanks to Katia's high energy and expertise, which made Phoebe light up. 

During the wait, we spent quality time with Phoebe and her mom, hearing Phoebe express that the wig would help people see her, not her disease. It was a powerful moment, and we often found ourselves choked up watching this brave girl. 

Within an hour, the transformation was complete. Seeing Phoebe's joy and hearing her say, "I love it," brought happy tears to our eyes. Earlier in the day, Phoebe said four powerful words, "Cancer hasn’t changed me." When she looked at herself in the mirror with her new wig, it was clear she was seeing herself again for the first time in months.

The wig didn't just alter her appearance; it transformed her confidence. We glimpsed the girl she was before cancer and the powerful force she would become. The ride home was filled with reflections on the day. We realized that while Phoebe believed cancer hadn't changed her, it would indeed make her stronger, more powerful, and give her a zest for life.

The day Phoebe received her wig was truly beautiful, and we look forward to knowing her and her mom for years to come. She was our first wig recipient and the inspiration that has fueled our passion for this program. The fire ignited within us will not be extinguished. Phoebe's story embodies the very essence of our mission at The For Nina Foundation, and we are honored to have been part of her journey.

Learn More About Friends of Nina, Wigs for Comfort and Confidence

Friends of Nina, Wigs for Comfort and Confidence program is unique because it takes the burden completely off parents and caretakers when their child loses their hair. There is no other program like this out there today. We know because we tried to find it for Nina. Now, through our new partnership, we can help kids and teens not only at Shands UF Children’s Hospital but at all major hospitals in Florida and beyond.

Here’s what makes Wigs for Comfort and Confidence better:

  • A very simple, few-question online form will be received immediately by a representative from The For Nina Foundation. 
  • The representative will be in touch with the parent, patient or caregiver within one to two days to begin scheduling the patient’s in-person appointment with Katia at the patient’s location.
  •  This initial contact includes education about what to expect if the patient is newly diagnosed and wig selection of style and color (i.e. new style and color or a wig that looks like the patient’s hair prior to diagnosis).
  • Their wig will be ready as soon as they need it.
  • Friends of Nina wigs will be the highest quality because we know how important it is for our wigs to not only look natural but to be comfortable. We will provide the wig and the products to care for the wig.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We need your support to reach our goal of outfitting fifty young people with wigs by January 2025. Each custom wig costs an average of $1500, and we need a minimum of $40,000 more to achieve this goal.

That’s why we have launched the "Friends of Nina, Wigs for Comfort and Confidence" program. Our dream is to bring this program to as many pediatric and teen cancer patients as possible. We have a long way to go, and our very first step begins here, right now, with you.

How You Can Help

  • Donate: Every contribution helps us reach our goal of providing comfort and confidence to more children like Pheobe.
  • Volunteer: Join our team and help make a tangible difference in the lives of children battling cancer.
  • Share Phoebe’s Story: Spread the word about our program on social media and within your community. The more people who know about Wigs for Comfort and Confidence, the more support we can gather.

Nina loved the work she did at UF, helping the kids and teens who were patients at Shands Children’s Hospital. Please help us continue what she started. Join us at the start of this program, Friends of Nina, Wigs for Comfort and Confidence.

Together, we can make a significant impact and bring smiles and confidence to more young faces. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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