Our History

"happy, healthy and hopeful as possible"

We thank you for being here. If you knew Nina in life we hope that this will be a place where you can come to honor her, and share your memories. If you didn't know Nina, we hope this site will help you to get to know her, and understand what she means to so many of us. 

The For NIna Foundation was borne out of a desire to grow a mission that Nina started. Nina was drawn to babies and kids her whole life. Naturally, when she had the opportunity to volunteer for Dance Marathon at UF, she did, and she gave it 100%. When Nina got sick, she was determined to continue volunteering, and in fact, didn't give up on her wish to be a Family Relations Captain for the year leading up to Dance Marathon, 2018. She did get that chance, and the time she spent with her Miracle Child, Eli, was some of the best times she had that year. Nina did get to go to Dance Marathon, 2018, and she gave a beautiful speech at that event. She talked about the impact that Dance Marathon had on her as a student, a volunteer, and as a patient. Since she passed in May of that year, the Nina Karlinsky Memorial Team has raised over $100,000 for Dance Marathon at UF, which directly benefits the patients treated at The University of Florida Shands Hospital for Children. 

The For Nina Foundation was established so that we can help kids who are suffering from a severe illness in other ways that Nina would like. The foundation will continue to donate most of the funds we raise to The University of Florida Dance Marathon, to benefit UF Shands Hospital through Children's Miracle Network. A smaller portion of the funds, but one we hope will have a big impact, will go towards improving the quality of life of kids and teens affected by serious illnesses.

When Nina made her speech at DM in 2018, she said she was grateful to everyone at DM for making her and all the other kids as "happy, healthy and hopeful as possible". This is the goal of The For Nina Foundation, Inc.

Thank you for helping us toward that goal!

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