Volunteer Opportunities


Nationwide opportunities and virtual opportunities are available.

Time Commitment

  • Time commitment will vary depending on what you select.
  • We can help you/your company or organization find volunteer opportunities that fit within your time allowance. 


You may choose specific volunteer programs or events that align with your organizational interests. As a volunteer with the For Nina Foundation, you can build positive relations in the community, develop employee or member connectivity, and boost satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Each volunteer opportunity provides great ways to allow your employees or members to learn new skills and develop contacts and relationships, all while making a difference in the lives of children fighting illnesses.

Volunteer Positions and Responsibilities

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for you to choose from ranging from community events and fundraising to board member positions.

Additional Requirements

Sign-up to volunteer below and someone from the For Nina Foundation will contact you to discuss opportunities that are best for you/your employees and organizations. 

Become a volunteer

To volunteer please complete the form below.

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